Soothing Tea Tree is applied after all wax services.

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$40 Brow Wax w/ Pencil Fill In, Highlight, & Gel

$30 Brow Wax w/ Shaping/Mapping

$15 Brow Wax Clean Up

$35 Brow Henna Tint only (includes Mapping)

$45 Brow Henna Tint & Wax/Tweeze (includes Shaping/Mapping)

$10 Lip

$15 Chin

$15 Nose

$15 Sideburns

$65 Full Face

$20 Neck Hairline

$20 Underarm

$45 Arms

$10 Naval Area

$10 Toes

$25 Bikini

$45 Bikini Inbetweenie (Partial Brazilian)

$60+ Brazilian

$50 Brazilian Wax Club (Appointment must be within 5 weeks of last Brazilian Wax)

$45 Half Leg (lower includes knee)

$60 Half Leg (upper includes bikini)

$85 Full Leg (includes bikini and toes)

$65 Full Leg Teen (for ages 19 and under, does not include bikini)


$15 Brow

$15 Nose

$15 Ears

$65 Full Back

$75 Chest/Abs

$25 Shoulders

$55 Arms

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Add 'Hair Did It Go' hair retarding enzyme that reduces hair in 5-15 treatments!

Only $15 per treatment! (Must be applied immediately after waxing.)